"The team at Lethal Marketing are sincere and professional in their working approach and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend their skills to anyone thinking of employing a coach, trainer or marketing gurus in order to grow their business. This very astute marketing team has delivered exceptional growth results to my business, which has grown from just over £1m to over £4m. We are still working with Team Lethal and are on target to achieving £7m this year. What's more they have a knack of thinking outside the box when it comes to looking at new and innovative ways to grow a company."

How did we benefit from using Team Lethal?

  • With Lethals help we have grown substantially from £1m to over £4m in the last 18 months & were now aiming for £7million this year.

  • Team Lethal reviewed our existing products, services and markets and came up with innovative ideas on how we could sell more of our existing products into new market sectors.  What a breath of fresh air this was!

  • With Lethals help we've also identified that we don't just have 15 products to take to market but a whopping 43 products.  Our marketing opportunities have also expanded and we've identified that we can sell our products and services not just in 4 major market sectors but into 12 sectors.

  • Team Lethal also delivered bespoke sales training courses to all our operational team which has enabled them to capitalised upon new sales opportunities, whilst looking at the business more holistically.

We would recommend Lethal to any business, especially those who are growth ambitious & who need innovative marketing gurus who go the extra mile in order to get results!

JS - Managing Director Specialist Technology Company,