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No Time For Social Media Marketing?

social media marketing


Do you find that you simply just don't have enough time in the day to manage all your social media marketing activities? Or is it that:-

  • You don't know which social media channels will be best for growing your business?
  • Maybe you're not getting the online results you need?
  • Or perhaps you keep sending out mixed marketing messages because your business doesn't have a social media (SO ME) marketing plan?

Well you'll be pleased to know that you've landed in the right place.  We can help you with all your social media marketing and growing your business online.  What's more we can even save you time and money so that you can get on with doing what you do best - running your business.

Social Media Marketing Packages £295 per month

social media marketing

We offer comprehensive social media marketing services from as little as £295 per month which includes:

  • Creating a bespoke social media plan which is tailored to meet your growth objectives.
  • Designing,writing and deploying engaging posts across all your chosen social media platforms.
  • Boosting your posts regularly to reach new audiences.
  • Constantly engaging with your audience & answering any questions.
  • Writing original, engaging and unique blogs, newsletters, posts or articles.
  • We provide you with a Dedicated Account Manager who will be in regular contact.
  • We will send you monthly reports on your social media performance which will demonstrate ROI, customer engagement and online growth.

You have nothing to lose as there's no fixed contract to sign. So if you want to reach out to potential new customers and build strong loyalty among your existing customers then our social media services are the way to go.

Only £295 Per Month Plus All These Extras!

social media marketing
There's nothing stopping you right now from reaching new customers & growing your brand online.  We can also help you choose the right social media platforms so that you quickly grow your business & we'll even help you with:-

  • Audience Market Research - so that we clearly target the right customers for your products or services.
  • Creating unique content on interesting & commercially related topics.
  • Bring buying customers right to your door.
  • Measure your Return on Investment.
  • Measure your Return on Engagement.

So why not give us a call on 0345 408 5488 to see how we can transform your online social media presence.

Copywriters Poised with Pens!

social media servicesOur copy writers will put together an editorial plan that will give your social media campaigns structure and purpose. We will also agree the content of everything we write with you before we publish. Any content that we write will meet the specific needs of your customers. The type of editorial content that we can do includes:-

  • Pr & Industry Round Up News - great for reaching Google Page 1
  • Discussion & Knowledge Forums or Showcase Articles - Great for attracting new customers & demonstrating your business knowledge and expertise.
  • Product Articles (Reviews, Technology, Performance etc) Brilliant for bringing new customers to your door.
  • Infographics -  A simple way of sharing large pieces of information in a bitesized way!
  • Question & Answers Forums - Excellent for Customer Engagement & Showcasing Your Expertise
  • Content Related Blog/News Articles

So why not kick-start your social media marketing activities and give us a call on

0345 408 5488