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pay per click marketingAfter all every £1 counts and you need to know that you are getting a brilliant return on your investment.Well you have come to the right place! Our Pay Per Click Marketing experts are on hand to maximise your return on investment for every single £1 you spend. We can set up, manage and place your adverts on Google, Facebook, Linkedin or any other PPC platforms of your choice. What's more we'll advise you on which platforms will bring the most traffic volumes & concrete sales leads.


How We Manage Your PPC Campaigns

pay per click marketingWhatever your budget we can build any pay per click marketing campaigns to suit your needs & spend whilst providing excellent returns on investment. Unlike some companies we actually manage your money like it was our own. Our PPC experts manually manage & audit all your campaigns, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the bidding process. Manual campaign management ensures that you don't pay too much for your bids & it keeps your costs to the minimum. We also keep a close eye on the tactics of any online competitors and adjust your bids and keyword tactics to suit. Our pay per click marketing services also include the following:-

  • Complete Website Audit.
  • Google AdWords Audit.
  • Identification of the relevant buying Keywords to use!
  • On-Page (Website) Optimisation - to ensure brilliant PPC results!
  • Geographically Targeted Campaigns - really good if you want to drive sales in a specific geographical location.
  • Keyword Segmentation - really good to see which keywords bring in the clicks & conversions.
  • Conversion Campaigns - to demonstrate actual sales conversions - not just clicks!

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Dedicated Account Management

pay per click marketing

In order to maximise your return on investment we need to manually optimise your PPC campaigns on a daily basis. As such there are a number of tasks and activities that we undertake such as:-

  • Ongoing Management of Ad Extensions.
  • Addressing any On Page Optimisation issues.
  • Regular CPC Management including Split Testing Campaigns, Ad Copy & removing any poor performance Adverts.
  • Re-Targeting potential customers on Googles Display Network.
  • Full Monthly Reporting on performance, including clicks, conversions, ad score, placements & Cost per conversion.

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