Market Research Services

Affordable Market Research Services

If you're looking for Market Research Services from a reputable Marketing Agency then look no further. We help businesses grow and profit by providing them with innovative market research which measures customer satisfaction and tracks marketing performance. All of which enables our customers to make intelligent business decisions based on factual consumer research.

So if you're looking to find answers to questions such as "who are my customers?" What do they want?" and "Why have the bought my product?" then use our research services.


Whether Big or Small Businesses Need Market Research

Market research isn't just for big companies... it's for small businesses and start-ups too. According to The Guardian market research can provide a business with invaluable insights by identifying new territories and markets, whilst highlighting how you should be adapting your business strategy and approach to succeed. It can also be used to show you how best to secure finance, how to work out your next steps and more importantly how to stand apart from your competitors.


Tested & Blended Marketing Research

market research servicesWe are able to tailor and blend our marketing research services and analytical consulting to help our customers to:-

~ Build a strong Brand
~ Improve the quality of products and or services
~ Design & improve packaging
~ Develop go-to marketing plans
~ Boost customer loyalty
~ Reinforce promotional or sales campaigns

Our ultimate objective is to help our customers build and sustain a winning business model and in the process improve their understanding and decision-making through intelligent consumer and business research.


What We do in a Nutshell

market research servicesBusinesses need to develop a clear understanding of how their customers think and feel about their products or services.  Knowing this vital information will help them to rapidly increase growth rates and penetrate sales into new markets. The foundations of developing this sort of consumer insight not only turns brands into winners, but businesses into market leaders. At Lethal we have a wealth of research in numerous industry sectors, so we can tailor our research services to match your specific needs in the following areas:-

  • Advertising Research
  • Brand Research
  • Customer Satisfaction & Shopping Surveys
  • Product Research
  • Qualitative Research (Focused & Sensitized Groups)
  • Quantitive Research (Surveys, Questionnaires by Telephone, Face to Face or Online)

So if you're looking to expand your markets, grow your sales or launch a new product, why not give our research team a call for a no obligation chat on

0345 408 5488