Copy Writing Services

Excellent Copy Writing Services

All businesses need excellent copy writing services from knowledgeable, persuasive & dynamic copy writers.  Here at Lethal Marketing we write copy that immediately grabs a visitors attention & transforms a fleeting interest into a full blown conversion. We realise just how important copy writing is when influencing a brands reputation & generating lots of brand awareness in front of potential customers.


Poor Copy Scares People Away

According to Real Business 59% of Britons will not use a company with poor grammar on its website.  A reader will decide within 5 seconds of glancing at a brochure whether it's worth reading it. The same is said for headlines of blog posts and articles.  According to the Nielson Norman Group people scan-read web pages in an F pattern. As a result, they read the third word on a line much less often than the first two words. So it's certainly worth while putting your most important copy at the beginning of the line.


Copy That Sells Your Website

copy writing servicesThere's no point in spending thousands of pounds on optimising your website to attract visitors if the copy reads poorly.  In fact Google measures the amount of time spent by visitors on your website & it will penalise your optimisation efforts if visitors are leaving as quickly as they landed. You will also be happy to know that we are  experts in online optimisation (SEO) too.  So we can write your blog posts, articles and website content to really boost your websites search engine performance.


Content Written To Fit Your Needs

You’ll be very happy to know that each and every piece of content that we provide to our customers is 100% unique. We are also very proud of the fact that we never rely on off the shelf templates.

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