Social Media Marketing

Professional Social Media Marketing

With the advent of the internet and prolific growth of social media platforms, consumers are now spending up to 75% of their time researching online before they chose a supplier and make a purchase. So in order for businesses to attract customers early on in the sales process, then they need to integrate social media marketing activities into this buying cycle. For instance a business might want to create and publish valuable & useful content that educates potential customers right through their decision-making process.

Quality Content That Brings Customers

When Google announced that social media marketing activities will now form part of a websites online SEO (search engine optimisation) performance, many marketing agencies jumped onto the band wagon of offering content marketing services. However, as opposed to writing professional and relevant content based around the customer's core business, some marketing agencies, for the sake of increasing website visitor numbers, have been writing low quality and unrelated content.

At Lethal we take a unique & much more strategic approach with our clients. Our Copywriters will take time to research your business thoroughly, understand your customers, their needs, & more importantly understand the markets for your products or services. It is only after conducting this research exercise that our copy writers will then provide interesting, insightful & content related articles which will bring buying customers to your door.
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What We Do In A Nut Shell

  • Conduct Audience Research
  • Create Content on various Interesting & Commercially Related Topics
  • We go for Readership Value - not just traffic volume
  • We provide Quality Content that is Professionally Written
  • We Measure your Return on Investment
  • We Measure your Return on Engagement
  • We Post Content Often & Regularly

What This Means To You

Our copywriters will put together an editorial & content structured plan that will give your social media campaigns structure and purpose. We will create and agree the content of everything we write with you before we publish and also to ensure that it meets the needs of your customers. The type of content that our copywriters excel in includes:-

  • Pr & Industry Round Up News
  • Discussion Articles
  • Product Articles (Reviews, Technology, Performance etc)
  • Infographics
  • Question & Answers
  • Content Related Blog/News Articles

So why not kick-start your social media marketing activities and give us a call on

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